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12 Feb 2015

Why Use Professional Hair Care Products?


When it comes to hair care we all have to make a choice: off-the-shelf cheap or from-the-salon quality. Every hairdressing academy tells students that professional is best, but is there really a difference between the shampoo you use in the salon and what you see in the drug store?

Look at that price tag!

The most obvious difference between drug-store shampoo and a professional salon products is the cost. For a lot of people the choice between the two goes no further than the price tag, but those willing to spend a few extra dollars will get to see the benefits of professional products that aren’t obvious from the label alone.

So why do professional products cost so much?

So why do professional products cost more than their mass-market counterparts? The short answer is that professional products simply have better ingredients. Take shampoo as an example. While all shampoos will have the same basic elements—including water, cleaning agents, and conditioners—the quality and amount of these ingredients will vary. So while you’re likely to see the same ingredients listed on the back of all shampoo bottles, a professional product will include higher-quality cleaning agents and conditioners along with more of the ingredients that make hair healthy and shiny.

What about color?

Salon customers who color and chemically treat their hair have an extra incentive to opt for salon products. The alcohols and low-quality cleaners in drug-store shampoos dry out hair and will strip the dye, which quickly leads to dull, washed out color and more trips to the salon. For clients looking to save a bit of money, investing a little bit in salon shampoos and conditioners will save them a lot of money farther down the road.

Is the high price worth it?

The question of whether salon products are worth it is really up to the customer, but there’s no doubt that professional shampoos, conditioners, and styling products will create healthier hair and happier clients.

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