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12 Feb 2015

Why purchase professional styling products?


Do you ever feel that your hair looks its best when you leave the stylist? Do you find it’s difficult to recreate those looks at home, even when your stylist has given you instruction? The biggest problem is likely the products you’re using. To recreate those salon-perfect looks you love from the stylists at Hair Art Academy beauty school in Vancouver, we recommend you purchase professional styling products.

A better start

Professional shampoos are much gentler on your hair compared to cheaper brands you can buy at a grocery or drug store. Ingredients like surfactants which create a lather, are found in store-bought products and can strip your hair of color, decreasing the life and luster of your professional color. While some salon products may have these ingredients, they are at much lower levels so as to not damage your hair. Professional shampoos have higher quality moisturizing agents that work with your conditioner, allowing it to penetrate hair deeper to lock in moisture better than store-bought options.

A better fit for your hair

A great deal of research goes into developing the products you purchase in a salon. These products are specially formulated to work with certain hair types, and are not a “one size fits all” deal. When you’re buying products at a drug store, you don’t receive the professional guidance you need to find the products that will work best for you.

When your stylist at our beauty school in Vancouver recommends products, it’s not necessarily to sell you product; it’s to guide you in the right direction. Your stylist wants you to love your look every day, not just when you walk out the salon doors. By recommending the products they’re using on your hair, they’re telling you exactly what was used to create that look you love. Using these products along with their styling guidance will allow you to best recreate the look for yourself, day after day.

A better value

Salon products are usually a higher consistency compared to store-bought products. This means you can use less of a salon product compared to store-bought to recreate your look. While salon products may seem more expensive initially, you’ll find that you can use much less, which is actually quite a value.

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