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12 Feb 2015

Trends in Men’s Facial Hair Design


Styling and maintaining facial hair has become quite trendy over the last several seasons. You’ll see everything from wild, styled beards and moustaches to low-key looks sported by men of all ages. If you’re looking for a new way to shape and style your facial hair, check out these trending looks that you may want to try out.


The full beard has made quite a comeback over the last few years. Growing a full beard is only half the battle — maintenance and grooming are just as important to pulling off this look. The long beard looks best when shaped and trimmed regularly. Wear this look with or without a moustache.

If you aren’t hairy enough for the full beard, short beards look great, too. A beard cut closer to the face gives a groomed appearance while still allowing you to enjoy a more rugged look. The short beard works well with most any hair styel.

Facial Scruff

You’ll see the scruffy, “five o’clock shadow” look on many of today’s most desirable male actors and musicians. Scruff can run along the jaw line, including a “moustache” or sideburns if you choose. While this facial hair looks effortless, it does require maintenance, like any other look.


As with beards, moustaches are back in style in many forms. The classic moustache is seen more often, though it isn’t typically worn as bushy as it was a few decades ago. Handlebar moustaches are becoming widely popular amongst certain groups of men. Worn long or short, there are a wide range of styling options for handlebar ‘staches.

Clean Shaven

Due to the popularity of these facial hair trends, some style experts are predicting that the clean shaven look will be making a comeback. This classic look is a perfect choice for men with light or patchy facial hair.


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