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11 Apr 2015

Positive Transitions


On April 17, 2014, a public administrator was appointed to discharge the powers of the PCTIA board. This means that all functions previously performed by the board such as the approval of the budget and adjudication of student claims and complaints, are now performed by a public administrator.

Notwithstanding this important change, the Private Career Training Institution Act (the “Act”), regulation and bylaws are still in effect and Monica Lust remains as the Registrar of PCTIA with authority under the Act.

In addition, the decisions communicated on February 6, 2014 announcing that all post secondary institutions accepting international students for study programs of longer than 6 months will be required to have BC’s Education Quality Assurance (EQA) Designation in order to be on the International Student Program (ISP) Designation List and the April 10, 2014 communication outlining details regarding EQA eligibility pathways for all institutions types remain. For private career training institutions and language schools, PCTIA accreditation is the stated path to achieve EQA designation.

It is the intent of the government to dissolve PCTIA and transfer its functions and authority to the Ministry of Advanced Education. Until that transition occurs, it is business as usual at the PCTIA. For questions on PCTIA related functions, please contact the PCTIA Registrar