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17 Feb 2015

Hair in your 50s and beyond


Your hair goes through many changes over the course of your life. The hair you have in your 20s won’t be the same as the hair you have in your 50s and later. To keep your hair healthy at this age, follow these tips.

Choose deep conditioning

Gray and silver hair can be drier that pigmented hair, making it more prone to damage from the sun as well as breakage. Deep conditioning treatments can provide the necessary protection to keep silver and gray hair moisturized and pliable.

Try vitamins and protein treatments

In your 50s, your hair is very susceptible to breakage; it becomes more brittle as it loses elasticity. protein-rich treatments can help you combat hair breakage. Taking vitamins such as biotin can help restore the condition of your hair, although results take approximately 6 months to see.

Avoid harming your hair

Hair in your 50s and beyond isn’t as strong as your hair was in your younger year. Avoid doing damage to your hair, which is easily caused by heavy styling and high heat exposure. Keep your heat styling tools set to medium heat rather than high. Rotating shampoos and conditioners can also help you avoid buildup while keeping your hair moisturized.

Have your thyroid checked

Hypothyroidism can be a cause of thinning hair in women over 50. If you notice thinning hair at this age, have your thyroid function tested by your doctor. Hypothyroidism can be treated, which can control its effects on your hair.

Increase antioxidant intake

The hormonal changes women experience in their 50s can affect their hair. Adding more antioxidants to your diet can help your hair better handle these changes. Antioxidants can be easily found in orange foods, like carrots or sweet potatoes. Antioxidants also help lock moisture into your hair and protect it from the sun’s damaging effects.


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