Tuition & Course Summary

The total cost of the 29 weeks/7.5 months & 48 weeks/11.75 months hairdressing course is $15,128.00 as per the following:

  1. The tuition is $12,960.00*
  2. The registration fee is $100.00
  3. The personal hairdressing Kit** is $1,900.00 + $228 GST & PST = $2,128.00

* Payment is as follows: An up-front payment of $5,336.00 + the kit cost of $2,128.00 + registration fee of $100.00 (Total of $7,564.00) is required to be paid 30 days before the commencement of classes. Balance via monthly payments are made thereafter.

** Our premium hairdressing kit is of high quality and contains everything a qualified hairdresser will need. It also contains your 4 training mannequins and the textbook you will use during your course.



*** International Student Fees

    1. The tuition is $15,900.00

    2. The registration fee is $400.00

    3. The personal hairdressing kit **is $1,900.00 +$228 GST & PST = $2128.00

   4. Total $18,428.00



1152 hour program
3 and 5 school day options

In keeping with changing industry trends our comprehensive training program in hairdressing includes expanded men’s cutting, balayage instruction plus up styling course at no extra cost.

Have work or family obligations? Come talk to us! We will make every effort to accommodate your unique needs and schedule.




Because we make a commitment to giving our students the best possible training we also expect the best. In addition to the student contract, every student is required to acknowledge and accept Hair Art Academy’s Principles of Ethical and Professional Conduct. Your ability to adapt to the environment and communicate with your teachers, fellow students and clients is an important part of your development.