Hair Stage One & Two

Course Summary

Over the first 2 stages the primary focus will be on theory and introductory level, technical skill development, relying on staff instruction, text book study and DVD enhanced studies.  Client interaction skills will be an important component.


Stage One 

  • Shampooing head massage, blow drying and finishing techniques
  • Styling techniques: roller setting, braiding, knotting, finger waves, pin curls,up-do work and how to combine these skills.
  • Understanding head shape and bone structure
  • How to conduct an effective client consultation
  • The nuances of client care and the art of touch
  • Hair science and theory
  • Introduction to haircutting, basic precision cutting techniques
  • Introduced to perm wraps, foil and color application

Stage Two 

  • Understanding color formula HAIR Stage 1 & 2
  • Understanding color charts
  • Understanding color application
  • Learning rounded and square graduation
  • Understanding shift and movement
  • Exploring variety in hair length
  • Mastering one-length hair cuts
  • Learning basic graduated shapes
  • Learning , cutting, styling, scalp-massage and product application


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