Hair Stage Five & Six

Course Summary

The last two stages are focused almost entirely on students perfecting their advance techniques with an emphasis on in-salon work in preparation for their final exams. Students are given assistance and practical work to ensure they are ready for our in-house exam.

In-house exams will consist of both theory and practical work. Students will be marked on their work with in-salon clients. Students will also do a salon business orientation section and learn to prepare an effective resume.

Stage Five 

  • Advanced layering and graduation
  • Disconnection and freehand techniques
  • Advanced cutting, texturizing and finishing techniques
  • speed improvement
  • Building an effective resume
  • Understanding the salon as a business
  • Job preparation

Stage Six 

This stage is for students to review and complete any areas of the program that may have been missed during the  1150 hr program.

Instructors will assess student’s theory marks and practical skills to monitor the completion of all the requirements as our  program. 





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