Program Outline

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Hair Art Academy’s 1152 hr program consists of a full time 5 days/ 40 hr a week / 7.5 month program or a part-time 3 days/ 24hr/ a week 11.75 month program. Our hairdressing Diploma course is designed for the serious student who wishes to become a well-trained hair professional, capable of providing the kind of comprehensive service demanded of professional hair stylists today, in well-established, reputable salons. With experience, a successful graduate from our school should be capable of meeting every challenge that accomplished stylists in salons deal with on a daily basis.

In addition to the teaching and support of our training staff, students are provided with their own textbooks and study guides. Instructors guide and monitor students through all work sessions. Both theory and practical assignments are used to assess progress. From time to time, students meet individually with an instructor for an informal review.

Our program will provide you with superior skill development, comprehensive understanding plus the best hands-on client experience we can offer, to help you hone your skills and boost your confidence. We will be there to support you and help you meet your goals every step of the way.

This Program has been approved by The Private Training Institutes Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills training.

Hairdressing Program Outline Students will gain knowledge, practical and theory experience in all aspects of Hairdressing including but not limited to Hair Cutting, Hair Styling, Coloring, Perming and working with clients, improving their communication skills, career development, public and personal hygiene, first aid, public safety and overall salon ecology. Students practice and develop all the skills and abilities required to be successful in Hairdressing field.
Career Occupation Hair Dresser, Salon Consultant, Salon Manager, Sales representative, Platform artist, Salon Owner or Hairdressing Educator
Admission Requirements Grade 12 with proof of diploma or 19 years of age verified by government issued Identification.
Learning Objectives Upon successful completion of the 1,152 hour Hairdressing program, students will be prepared for a variety of employment opportunities in the cosmetology Industry.

Students completing this program can enter immediately into employment in the hairdressing field and will have gained experience in:

  • Cutting and Style men’s and woman’s Hair.
  • Execute the wrapping and processing techniques in Perming Hair
  •  Techniques In Balayage
  • Organize a daily schedule
  • Create and construct up styles
  • Perform Foiling and lowlighting techniques
  • Visualize hairstyles, color and haircuts
  • Effectively retail salon Products
  • Complete and effective client consultation
  • Initiate and achieve an effective hair coloring service
Method(s) of Evaluation Students are evaluated by weekly written chapter exams through the Milady standard exam book for their theory portion of the Hairdressing Program.

Students will also be evaluated daily with a practical client evaluation sheet marked by their instructor after each salon clinic service.  Students will receive a progress review twice during their program once within 30 percent of their program end and another at or near the end of their completion date. Final theory evaluation is done by 125 question exam and by a practical skills exam.

Completion Requirements The student must complete 1152 hours, successfully pass all weekly chapter tests and final theory exam with a 70 percent or greater mark. The student must also successfully pass their Practical assessment exam with a pass in all practical skills.
Program Duration 40 hours per week for 29 weeks or 24 Hours per week for 48 weeks, dependent on the program duration choice.
Homework Hours 2- 3 hours a week
Delivery Method(s) Indicate how the program is delivered

  In-class instruction

  Distance education

  Combined delivery (both in-class and distance)

Required course materials Milady standard textbook of cosmetology, milady theory work book and Milady exam book. Student equipment kit, Mannequins Heads.


Program Organization

Cosmetology the History and Opportunities 5 Hours
Life Skills 5 Hours
Professional image 5 Hours
Communication for Success 5 Hours
Infection Control 5 Hours
General Anatomy and Physiology 10 Hours
Skin Disorders and Disease 5 Hours
Basics of Chemistry 5 Hours
Basic of Electricity 5 Hours
Properties of the Hair and Scalp 5 Hours
Principles of Hair Design 5 Hours
Scalp care Shampooing, Rinsing & Conditioning 5 Hours
Haircutting 10 Hours
Hairstyling 5 Hours
Men’s fade and skin fade class 5 Hours
Chemical Texture Services 5 Hours
Hair Coloring 20 Hours
Goldwell Color Class 8 Hours
Histology of the Skin 5 Hours
Salon Business 5 Hours
On the Job 5 Hours
Salon Business 5 Hours
Preparing for Licensure 5 Hours
Balayage Class 8 Hours
Hand painting class 8 Hours
Keratin Smoothing Class 8 Hours
Up Styling Class 8 Hours
Practical Hours (Student Clinic Hours) 977 Hours
Total Hours   1152 Hours