About Hair Art Academy

A message from Van Hong, President Hair Art Academy

Beyond the foundation of technical skill development, the greatest gift we can give you as teachers and mentors’ is to help you find the passion that makes this creative world of hair – a joy

39c94a0No matter where I am; in a TV studio, platform format or hair show when I meet people who ask about becoming hair stylists the first thing I tell them is reach for the best you can be and be passionate about your work.

At Hair Art we understand that competence; confidence and creativity fuel’s that lasting passion for what we do.

That is our goal for all of our students and we know that students are not going to achieve that by being one in a crowd or getting inadequate training.

Our hair school maintains a limited class size; a comprehensive curriculum and hands-on instructors dedicated to ensuring that no student is lacking the support they need to be the best they can be.

In addition, every student gets the on-floor experience of working with real clients, in a real salon to help them build confidence, learn social interaction with clients and hone their skills.

Over the past 22 years, Hair Art Academy’s unwavering commitment to its graduates has produced outstanding students who have moved on to successful careers with many becoming salon owners.

Please take the opportunity to come and talk to us, pick up our course information and take a tour of our facility.

If you are working or have family obligations, don’t let that deter you, we are happy to try and accommodate your special needs. Wishing you all a great hair day!

Van Hong, President
Hair Art Academy

About Van Hong

Van’s unwavering passion, exceptional talent, and commitment to excellence have brought him success as a stylist, salon owner, educator, platform artist, and television personality.

He has worked as an educator and a stage artist for companies all over North America and is one of the most sought after stylists in the industry today.

At the age of twenty-one he opened his first hair salon after completing his advanced training at Vidal Sassoon’s Advanced Academy London England. He and his wife own and operate the popular Salon Blue in Surrey.

In 2008 he won the City T.V competition and earned the opportunity to be a stylist on a national television show. He continues to showcase his extraordinary makeover talent on shows such as City Line Toronto, Breakfast TV, Vancouver and CP 24, Toronto.

Always innovative, Van’s frustration with the poor performance of the hair appliances available to hairdressers encouraged him to take matters into his own hands.

He created his own designs that produced the kind of quality and resilience needed by the professional stylist.

Today his company MINT TOOLS is making waves in the hair industry and providing the kind of hair tools that professional hair stylists can rely upon.

Van and his companies have appeared in countless trade magazines and he continues to showcase his passion for the industry at hair shows.